Metal Set Base Metals
Type Alloy
Data Values (Brick) ID: 903
Experience Rewarded 6
Tool Stats
Durability 750
Mining Level 4

Steel is an Alloy in Base Metals. It is made by combining Iron and Manganese. Steel is the highest tier of the base metals, and statistically the best. It has a mining level equivalent to diamond, thus it very useful for harvesting obsidian or other, higher tier ores. Steel has a durabillity roughly triple that of iron, and a speed on par with Gold. Steel also has a high damage stat and a great armor value, making it the perfect material choice for weapons or armor.

Steel can be crafted in a 2x2 square to make a decorative steel block, or crafted into shears, a bucket, or rails much the same way as iron. Steel is also used to craft the 5th and highest-tier Crusher and Furnace upgrades.



  • In real life, Steel is a Ferrous metal created by mixing Carbon (C) and Iron (Fe).

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