Metal Set Base Metals
Type Ore
Data Values (Vein) ID: 901
Data Values (Brick) ID: 902
Mineable Level: 2
Experience Rewarded 3
Tool Stats
Durability 251
Mining Level 3
Enchantability 14
Spawn info
Veins per Chunk 6
Ore per Vein 6

Iron is an Ore included in vanilla minecraft, but redone in the Base Metals. It is useful for it's good durability, accessability, mining level, and use in creating Alloys. Iron, being a vanilla ore, is also widely used in the crafting recipes of other mods and vanilla items.

Iron is used in more alloys than any other metal. Iron dust can be combined with Manganese dust to make Steel , the most basic next-tier alloy. If you do not have manganese, iron dust can also be mixed with Bronze dust to make Damascus Steel, a good in-between tool. Lastly, iron dust can be mixed with Gold dust to create Angmallen, a unique and highly enchantable metal.

Like other metallurgy metals, iron ingots can be crafted in a 2x2 grid to create a decorative iron brick block. Iron is also used to craft the 4th tier Furnace and Crusher.