Copper Crusher
Metal Set Copper
Speed per Operation 30 s

The Copper Crusher is the 2nd Tier of Crushers Tee Hee Hee lololooolollolololololololololololololololololololololololollololoollollololololololoollolololollololollolololollololololololololllololllololololololololololollolollololllololollololollololollolo

A copper crusher takes 30 seconds to crush one ore into dust. This means that it takes 24 coal (as an example fuel) and 32 minutes to crush a full stack of material into doof oof oof ooiffififfiifififififiiiifififififiifififififiiffifoooooofofofoofofofofoooofofofofoofofofoffoofofofoooooooooooofofofofofoofofofcofofoofofodofofo

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