Metal Set Base Metals
Type Ore
Data Values (Vein) ID: 600
Data Values (Brick) ID: 601
Mineable Level: 2
Experience Rewarded 1
Tool Stats
Durability 180
Mining Level 2
Enchantability 15
Spawn info
Veins per Chunk 12
Ore per Vein 6

Copper is the most basic Ore of the Base Metals, and the most common one available. It can be mined very early on, and is used in the crafting recipes of many mods, making it a valuable resorce. It can also be used in the crafting of swords, armors, furnaces and crushers.

Copper dust, when combined with Tin dust, can be crafted into Bronze dust and smelted into ingots. It can also be combined with Zinc in the same way to create Brass.

As with all metals, you can craft a 2x2 square of copper ingots into a placable copper brick block. Copper can be made into buckets and shears, making it the cheapest and most readily-available material to use for such tools. Copper can also be used to craft minecart rails and the 2nd tier versions of the Furnace and Crusher.