Metal Set Base Metals
Type Alloy
Data Values (Brick) ID: 603
Experience Rewarded 2
Tool Stats
Durability 200
Mining Level 3
Enchantability 9

Bronze is an Alloy in Base Metals. It is created by combining Copper dust and Tin dust. Bronze is stronger than copper, but slightly weaker than Iron, making it a fairly early-game item. Bronze tools have a mining level of 3, meaning they can mine as powerfully as Iron and can even harvest Diamond. Bronze is also commonly used in the crafting recipes of other mods.

Bronze dust also acts as a Catalyst in the recipes for various other alloys. Bronze dust combined with Gold dust creates Hepatizon, and bronze dust combined with iron dust creates Damascus Steel.

Like other metals, bronze ingots can be crafted in a 2x2 square to make bronze brick blocks. Additionally, bronze can be made into buckets, shears, and rails; much like iron. Bronze is also used to make the 3rd tier versions of the Furnace and the Crusher.